“We can never obtain peace in the outer world
until we make peace with ourselves”


Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)

I use EFT, also known as ‘Tapping’, with most of my clients, as it generally works more quickly than any other therapy modality I have yet encountered. By learning the technique, clients acquire a self-help tool, which empowers them to deal with life’s challenges.

EFT combines Modern Psychology with Ancient Chinese Acupressure. Whilst most psychotherapies deal solely with the mind and energy therapies with the body, EFT bridges the two through tapping on selected acupressure points whilst simultaneously bringing to mind targeted psychological issues. It is a simple healing technique, which does not require drugs or needles and can easily be learned in one or two sessions with a qualified practitioner.

The scope of applications is vast. Scientific studies have shown it to be very effective in treating phobias, anxiety, depression, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder as well as physical pain. It can help alleviate feelings of grief, guilt and shame, amongst others. EFT can also be used to release limiting beliefs and negative habitual patterns, improve the sense of self worth and help with weight loss and sports performance.

The theory behind EFT is that most physical, mental or emotional illnesses are caused by a disruption in the flow of energy as it travels through channels in the body, known as meridians. This disruption is generally caused by disturbing experiences or traumas, big or small, conscious or unconscious and often incurred in childhood. These are consolidated into the memory with powerful neurological pathways and will have been stored in the energetic system for years or even a lifetime. Every time we recall or experience a similar trauma or event, the stress response in the limbic system is triggered and brings up associated negative emotions such as fear, anger, disappointment, hurt etc. Through tapping on selected acupressure points whilst simultaneously bringing to mind negative experiences, we can release their emotional charge. We will still be aware of the disturbing events or traumas, but our stress response will be decoupled from it, calming our nervous system, clearing energetic blockages and laying down new neurological pathways. With our flow of energy rebalanced, our mind and body can heal itself.

For more information on the history, application and uses of EFT, you might like to watch an illuminating interview with Patricia Carrington, a clinical psychologist.

“Each person is born with an unencumbered spot – free of expectation and regret, free of ambition and embarrassment, free of fear and worry – an umbilical spot of grace where we were each first touched by God. It is this spot of grace that issues peace.”